Work in progress continued

Yes spring is here! Yesterday we have eaten the first green asparagus with garlic, oil, pasta and parmesan cheese, as simple as can be. I try to work in the garden as much as possible to get everything ready for our 25th anniversary in May. Yes preparations are in full swing.

In the picture above you see a small beautiful old house. The cottage is on the road to the forest and on my walk with the dogs I often come by there. I tried to take a picture of a stork nest high up to the left of the cottage.

ooievaar op nest

The second photo is taken behind the house and here you can see the nest and the stork much better.

Werk in uitvoering Jan Kerkstra edelsmid

Jan is making making progress with the custom order for the bracelet. If you click here you’ll see the first picture I took of the bracelet. In this photo you clearly recognize a bracelet. The bracelet is made in the same style as our Tutanchamon ring.

The lady wanted the bracelet to match her Tutanchamon ring. In the photo above, the bracelet is forged in a oval shape in the right size. The black stripes on the iron tribulet are the sizes of other customers wrists. There were a lot more  stripes but they wear off after a while.