Welcome to my new blog! And Art Route Aalsmeer

This is it …  I understand that my blog is online now. In any case, it can never take very much longer so I write my first post today in the hope you will see it one of these days. My blog is now part of our new site. I’m still busy filling in the site with more images of our jewelry but in the mean time feel free to look around. (via the menu above and way down below)

I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment to say what you think about the new site. And if you happen to see any errors or mistakes would you please tell me? Furthermore I really hope that you continue to follow me in this spot and enjoy it.

Jan and I are invited to participate in a major Art Route in Aalsmeer. (a village near Amsterdam)  To present our jewelry we have been given a wonderful place in a large glass boat shed. A space with beautiful light and lots of room.

In the picture above you see a small part of our set up. It is a 5 meter long narrow table, very simple but I think our jewelry will show very nicely on it.

Necklace handmade big beads

I was able to find more large round beads and I have created the necklace Bonte Stoet once more. The first necklace was actually sold very quickly. The colors of the (semi) precious round beads are a bit different as in the first necklace but the look and the feel is the same. 

The Art Route in Aalsmeer is highly recommended. September 21 and September 2013 more than 100 artists, poets and musicians take part and the number of visitors has increased to over 2000. There are 20 different locations to visit. Enjoy paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, photos, jazz, jewelry, classical and world music.

The address of the location where we show our jewelry is: Atelier Anneke Harting, Jachthaven De Oude Werf, Loods 123, Uiterweg 123-127 Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

More info at:  KunstRouteAalsmeer