Wedding rings Forever

This morning I received an email from Melanie Caitlin of HappyPhotographer. Melanie send me the link of a blog post about beautiful wedding photos she recently made. Very nice of her to forwarded this link because in these wedding pictures is a couple we made the wedding rings for. Follow this link to see all the photos: wedding reportage.

wedding rings FOREVER white gold and wood inlay


The couple in the photos chose the rings FOREVER. In the image you see a ring of 14 karat gold with cherry wood inlay and a diamond. The wider ring is titanium and cherry wood.

The wedding rings FOREVER are part of our collection for more than 17 years. Especially in recent years the combination of precious metal and wood is favorite among many people.

Engaged couples come to our atelier from all over the Netherlands and Belgium, especially for these rings. But online and from abroad there is interest too. Therefor I have developed a special online concept for those people who live too far away to come to out atelier. The FOREVER rings are handmade and they can be completely customized.

Learn more about these rings? Click on this link: Wedding Rings

Photos by: HappyPhotographer