We are back! A small photo report

Opus 22 Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer Beautiful wooden sculpture by Gerhard Lentink 

Well our little week away is over.

After I gave instructions to our house and animal sitter,we left for the south. Our first stop was at Sculpture Gallery Het Depot in Wageningen, The Netherlands where we not only enjoyed fine art but also eat a lovely lunch … and we sat outside!

Zoutelande Marion Pannekoek strand

Towards the evening we went to Middelburg, The Netherlands where we booked a hotel at the market in the center of this small city.  And again dinner was outside! The next day the weather was so nice that we walked at the beach …

lange vlieger Zoutelande

… where we saw this beautiful very long kite that seemed to reach unto heaven.

Uitzicht hotel B&B Lille

Next was Lille a large city in northern France. Our hotel was in a suburb which gave the following view from our window.

Brasserie de la paix Lille

Every day we took the metro to the city center, imposing buildings, great grand old houses, sorry all the photos of houses were unsuccessful, beautiful shops, friendly people, we wandered the city two full days, had delicious cheeses and a baguette of spelled wheat for lunch and in the evening oysters and shrimps for dinner at Brasserie de la Paix .

Maastricht Boothotel

Then back to the north and sleeping in a boat on the river Maas in Maastricht, The Netherlands. A tiny cabin and a bed that was even more tiny! Extraordinary!

Aken Mein Karl 2014

From Maastricht we visited Aachen in Germany. So on this short trip  we have spoken three languages​​. At the famous cathedral in Aachen stood the instalation Mein Karl 2014 

It was a great trip with lots of variety. At home the grass was almost at knee level and all trees were in leaf because even in Friesland the weather had been warm. By now the luggage is stored away, the laundry done,  the grass mowed and tomorrow we both go back to work in the studio.