Very special birdhouse

It’s cold today and snow is predicted! No weather to think about birdhouses. However, today I like to show you this fun and inventive idea of ​​designer Klaas Kuiken.

In an effort to help solve the shrinking bird population in urban areas, Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken collaborated with Vogelbescherming (a Dutch bird association) to create the Birdhouse Roof Tile.

klaas kuiken ceramic birdhouse

The Birdhouse Roof Tile is designed in such a way to provide more nesting places for birds within the city. Since birds often look to nest within the roofs of houses, Kuiken attached an archetypal birdhouse onto a standard roof tile.

rooftop birdhouse

The ‘birdhouse tiles’ are produced …

ceramic bird house production

… at Dijkstra kleiwaren in Sneek, The Netherlands.

stone factory

Some birds like to nest close together, so it is recommended to place multiple birdhouses.

birdhouses on rooftop on the tiles

To order please go to Klaas Kuiken.