Union of Striped Yarns

In Union of Striped Yarns Dienke Dekker uses among other things, ordinary red / white striped barrier tape.

Dienke Dekker is a textile artist. This morning I came across Dienke in an article in the Dutch news paper as Young Talent.

Dienke Dekker

Union of Striped Yarns is a quest for complex combinations and repetitions. In this search Nienke Dekkers weaves solely with striped yarn.

stamped fabric

This fabric is stamped  …

het stempelen van stof

… with a graphic pattern to make it look like it is woven.

Dienke Dekker objects

An experimental research on textiles and an old technique called ‘trimming’ resulted in various sculptural textile objects.

This project was a collobaration between Daniel Costa, Philipp Weber and Dienle Dekker