Typical Dutch

Today I like to show you some typical Duch images …

This is the recently opened Maritiem & Jutters Museum (Beachcombers and Sailors Museum) on the island of Texel, The Netherlands. It’s a great building I think.

Maritiem & Jutters Museum Texel

The architects Mecanoo from Delft have provided the building with four interlinked, playful roofs. The thought behind this is that the peaked roofs, which seem to stab from the sea as waves above the dike, blend into the village roofs.

Maritiem & Jutters Museum, The Netherlands

I see this farm many times on my daily walk with the dogs. Not very a very interesting building but I thought the shape of the roof would make a nice picture in the misty morning light. The farm is a typical farm from the northern region of The Netherlands, where I live.

Frisian farm

This is a typical Dutch biking path in an even more typical Dutch landscape, under very Dutch skies. Often I walk along this canal with my 2 dogs … not seeing anybody for miles …

Dutch landscape bikingpath