The way we work

Working with attention for the world around us

In our atelier we work with as much attention for the world around us as we can. We do this for instance by using recycled precious metals.
We buy our gold from a company that obtains it as a residual product from jewelry makers, dental technicians and the electronics and computer industries.
Unlike excavating gold from mines, this process of recycling and purifying does not harm the environment. This precious metal company recently received a
RJC certificate. RJC Members commit to an international standard on responsible business practices for diamonds, gold and platinum group metals. This
includes human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.

We buy diamonds at a regular supplier. This supplier has given us in writing that he sources his diamonds from the regions that are free of the embargo by the
UN Security Council. In other words; We use to the best of our knowledge no “blood diamonds”.

All our jewelry is hand crafted in our atelier in Wijnjewoude, The Netherlands. Our jewelry is provided with our Maker’s Mark.


We make jewellery from sterling silver, all gold colours and karats, palladium and platinum, using, precious stones, semi-precious stones, wood and diamonds.

Reuse your (old) gold and create a new piece of jewelry

Gold is the oldest recycling material in the world. Do you have a jewelry piece you like to remake in something beautiful? In our atelier you can have your gold jewelry
melted down and have one or more new pieces of jewelry made. In this way, ‘old gold’ gets its value back and the new jewelry gains special value, because they
connect previous and future generations.

Jewelry and wedding rings with wood

Our specialty is working with wood. We have developed a special method for combining wood and precious metal, which does not only produce gorgeous but also
durable pieces of jewelry and objects. For instance, we make yellow or white gold or titanium wedding rings that are inlaid with a thin line of wood.
As for the wood we use: over the years we have collected all kinds of beautiful pieces of wood. Especially for wedding rings we use hundred-year-old cherry and ebony wood.

Made to order and repairs

Do you have a design of your own or a special wish? We are happy to make it for you. Besides jewelry we also make everyday objects like napkin rings, silver letter openers
with wood inlay or candlesticks.

For custom-made orders, we make an appointment with you for an intake interview to make sure that we understand exactly what you want and what kind of budget
you have in mind. Based on this information, we will inform you about the possibilities, which include making a design sketch or prototype.
We can, within the technical possibilities create everything for you. Our 30 year experience ensures that your jewelry is in good hands.

So if you have a design of your own or a special wish, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

For Galleries

Are you a Gallery and interested in showing our work? Please get in touch.