The story of the memory, or memorial jewellery

The story of the memory, or memorial jewellery …

“Once upon a time, there was an American couple who drove into our yard on rented bikes to visit our atelier. This was 22 years ago. They were staying in a nearby hotel. The wife of the couple was born in Friesland and they were over to visit friends and family. In the days that they stayed in Friesland they visited our atelier a number of times. They liked our work very much and they bought several pieces of our jewellery.

Alice recently contacted us from Texas via e-mail. She was so happy she had found us after all those years. Alice announced that she would visit Friesland soon. She would be by her self this time and she told us she had something to discuss with us. Alice came and stayed in the same hotel as 22 years ago. Although Alice is already in her seventies she came to our atelier driving a bike. Isn’t this a beautiful story?”

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