The owl has beaten the magpies

It was lovely weather the past few days. Never have I finished so early with digging in horse manure in the flower garden, with pruning and repotting plants. Nature is still at an early stage, but here and there a scrub is blooming in our garden.

Ransuil bij nest

Do you see the owl? As I more or less predicted in the previous post, the long-eared owl has beaten the magpies. It has been a week now and the owl sits the whole day as relaxed as can be near his nest. Yesterday we had to mow the grass and came very near the owl, he looked at me and turned his head to follow me but as far as I could tell he wasn’t afraid.


And here you see the 3-storey magpie nest, if you look closely you can see the owl at the right site of the nest. As soon as the hawthorn is fully in leaf, I’ll bet you don’t see the nest or the owl anymore. I sincerely hope the breeding is successful and that in about 3 weeks time the young baby owls will be born.