The Markthal in Rotterdam

Coming weekend we take a few days off to visit Rotterdam. It’s been over 20 years since we visited this city. In between, we have been back only once to have dinner in Hotel New York. This restaurant is on our list again because of the view of the harbor and because of the many types of fish and shellfish on the menu.

The list of things we want to see in Rotterdam is quite long; A boat tour of the harbor, a visit to the Cube houses of architect Piet Blom, the Design and Art department store Goos, Stadspark, a park on a building, galleries and clothing stores, a water taxi ride and of course we want to see the Markthal.

Markthal Rotterdam

The Market Hall in Rotterdam is – in imitation of Stockholm, Barcelona and Valencia – the first indoor food market in Netherlands. It is one of the new Dutch architectural experiments. The design is by Winy Maas of the Dutch Architectural firm MVRDV. This spectacular building with its typical Rotterdam architecture is a prominent place in the center of Rotterdam. The building offers a mix of features: fresh food, food shops, restaurants, apartments, a small museum and parking. I

The design of the ceiling is by Arno Coenen and shows huge enlargements of fruits, veggies, insects and animals.You can find a range of foods, from Italian to Japanese, cheese and vegetable stalls.

Anybody more tips?

For more images of the Markthal please follow this link: The Dutch Chronicles

Next week we will be back. Our atelier is open as usual on Thursday – Friday and Saturday. The housekeepers will watch over our house and so will our dogs.