The Hawthorn in our garden

A Hawthorn is obviously an ideal place for a bird to build a nest. It’s a tangle of branches who have small thorns on them. An almost impenetrable fortress.

For years magpies have build their nest, in our Hawthorn. A big tall construction with several floors. Two years ago eared owls took over the magpie nest. It was a big fight with a lot of screaming, especially at night. When the owls eggs hatched the young ones were eaten by the family magpie. A major drama. Then the Magpies started using the nest again.

This year, a pair of wood pigeons has build their nest right under the magpie nest. When you look closely you see the pink beak of the wood pigeon. She is sitting on her nest less than 30 cm. under the magpie nest. This time there was no fight … I Imagine the Magpies look forward to their tasty meal in a few weeks.

Wit huis met tuin

Just some pretty pictures of a spring which finally begins to be visible … this is part of our garden and driveway. Slowly but surely, everything starts to get green around our house.

Marion Pannekoek met honden in Bakkeveen

Walking the dogs in an area where the dogs can run free.


This photo of an Amelanchier on the heath in Bakkeveen is just like a painting isn’t it?