The big parakeet hunt

The other day I heard this strange whistling going on in the trees in our back yard. In this time of the year birds sing much nicer and also louder as in other seasons. I cannot place every whistle at the right bird but still I can recognize almost all bird noise. So when I heard this strange bird I was not surprised to find a small parakeet sitting in a tree. When I walked away from the bird it started screaming and making attempts to land on my head. Apparently it was very hungry and I could easily catch it with the help of some chickenfeed. So in about not yet 5 minutes I got myself a singing parakeet in a little cage. Animals in cages are not my cup of tea, so I brought the parakeet to the bird shelter. (when the owner does not show up, the parakeet will go to a school with a large aviary and the bird will live among his peers, isn’t that nice?)