The barn swallow is back!

Yesterday they arrived … the barn swallow is back! Loud chattering they let us know that they are here. They swoop above the chicken coop and like every year the chickens are afraid of these noisy little birds …


So far only two of them are here. Because they fly around the barn, I think it’s the pair that’s building a nest in our barn every year. Yes Spring!

Yesterday I finally repotted my plants that were still hibernating in my greenhouse. And guess what? I was stung by a wasp that had probably hidden between the leaves of the plants.

boerenzwaluw Franks Slothouber

And to round off of the day a bat flew past our window … apparently everyone had been waiting for this first warm day.

These lovely images were taken by photographer Franka Slothouber.

Please take a look at her site and her blog for more great (nature) shots.