Thank you for visiting our Open Doors Weekend

Thank you for visiting our Open Doors Weekend!

Because the weather was beautiful, many of you came by bike.  We had a pleasant crowd of 220 people in 3 days. Almost everybody made use of the seats in the garden, and took the time to have a drink.

vetplanten succulents

Jan and I enjoyed the many compliments, not only about our jewelry but also about the garden. My collection of succulents also received much attention. Especially when I told that some plants are already 20 years old.

Kayak op de Linde

All in all we look back on beautiful 3 days and we are very happy with the sales we made. On Tuesday we went canoeing. Our new dog just jumped into the canoe, and after finding her balance, sat down and loved it. The fluttering ducks and the thick quacking frogs on the lily leaves had her full attention of course.

Eernewoude vogeluitkijk huisje

Here I am sitting with the dogs on the bird lookout at Eernewoude. We go here often, the small house is only accessible by boat. From the house you can see the large colony of cormorants in the nature reserve. At the moment they have young ones and they make a lot of noise. Rubia, the new dog has not swum yet. The other dog loves to swim and Rubia is looking with horror as he dives into the water.