Large square silver ring


Earrings gold and Lapis Lazuli

Calatrava Cross Lapel Pin

Earrings Nuts

Hanger Open Raam

Gold ring with aquamarine, fire opal and a tourmaline

Wedding ring Forever

Silver baby rattle

Handmade ring gold with silver Saphire Tutanchamon

Oorbel zilver titanium


wedding ring Forever in red gold and wood

Servetring Trapezium titanium


Bespoke wedding bands gold with wood inlay


Grote ring zilver blauwe paarse steen

Halssieraad van bloedkoraal en zwarte kralen

Zilveren spang handgesmeed

Brede ring van goud Toetanchamon

Lang zilveren collier

Zilveren hanger van pareldraad

Earrings yellow and white gold titanium

Ring van witgoud roze beryl


Wedding rings white gold wood inlay

Handgemaakte trouwringen

Big silver brooch hand made

Ring PURPLE HAZE boulder opaal

sculpture never ending titanium


Necklace big round beads

Great eye catcher

Pascalle van den Eijnden, Heerlen, The Netherlands
Assignment for a large silver square ring

Jippie, I received the beautiful ring today !!!

The ring is really gorgeous. Even in the little jewelry box the ring is beautiful … and it is really a great eye catcher. I would very much like to order the same matching pendant in the future. What is the price indication?

Thanks again for the marvelous, fast and very customer-friendly handling!

Memory Jewelry

Mrs. Alice Lusk, Frisco, Texas, USA
For the full STORY click here please: MemoryJewelry

I have not taken the necklace off. I can’t tell you how many times I have told the story. Even people who have never met me before comment on its beauty. Every picture of me has the necklace. I will find one that shows it best. Again thank you.

Immediate attraction

Luba Grantcharova, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
Coral Twigs earrings

The moment I saw the Coral Twigs earrings, there was an immediate attraction that made me to purchase them online. The more I looked, the stronger the attraction and feeling of a design, holding some special, personal meaning for me. Delivery time to Canada was much shorter than expected. Doing business with Jan and Marion was a pleasure.

The package arrived with tokens of personal touch along with the uniquely handcrafted earrings. I have ordered them in silver and like the finish, which ‎is matted but not dull, bright but not shiny. These earrings sit nicely on my ears and orientation can be adjusted to fit different shapes and preferences. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you Jan and Marion!

Pure delight

Mr. Ron Weber. Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
Returning costumer. Mr. Weber bought various jewelry, including the:
Calatrava Cross lapel pin

I’m so grateful that I happen to find The Jewelry Story when searching for fine art/jewelry. The passion & pure talent in this craft is incredibly clear each time I’ve purchased & opened items created from Marion & Jan. The professionalism & responsiveness is equally matched with their natural God gifted talent.

I want to shout out to the whole online world community & bring awareness to this store; as they deserve it. It would be no surprise to me to find out that the top designers & even the global giant, Apple, are taking notes from Marion & Jan on a model business to even the packaging. Seriously the delivery of the packaging, without giving out any spoilers, is such a pure delight, inspirational innovation & attention to detail.

From a fellow designer, (architect), that speaks the language of art & creation, I admire The Jewelry Story!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Traci Weber, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
Lapis lazuli earrings

I’m in love with the Lapis Lazuli earrings I just received from my husband, thanks to you! They are absolutely gorgeous! Please keep making what you do as you now have a frequent customer. 🙂

More than happy

Custom order by e-mail for an ebony pendant
Marleen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I have received the pendant and am more than happy with the end result, really beautiful. I am very be happy with it. The packaging is lovely too.

Thanks for everything!

Blown away …

Ron Weber, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
Calatrava Cross lapel pin

Wow I was blown away by the presentation of the lapel pins! Absolutely beautiful seamless box & pleasant surprise with handwritten message. The pins are beautiful as well.

Exactly what I wanted

Daisy Verhellen, Belgium

Copper hairpin
The hairpin has arrived today and I’m very happy with it. This is exactly what I wanted!

I will continue to follow you!

Aukje de Boer, cultural, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Ring Sophie
This morning in the early hours, the shipping company came to deliver ring Sophie. The ring is beautiful and fits like a glove. I am very happy! Thank you so much for the fine and reliable service! I will continue to follow you!

I’m very happy with my pin!

Winfried Hallerbach, Rotterdam.
Calatrava Cross lapel pin

Today I received the Calatrava Cross lapel pin in a beautiful package. The pin is very beautiful and makes a great match with the Calatrava cufflinks I ordered from your atelier a year back. I’m very happy with my pin!

Wow, they are so beautiful!

Mrs. MD
Custom made: earrings Calatrava in red gold. And the Knoest earrings

Wow, they are so beautiful!
And no, you don’t get a return shipping haha, because the “Knoest” earrings are stunning. I must say the photo on your site shows the earrings very well. They really are what I expected them to be. I’ve been looking to buy earrings for a long time and now all of a sudden I found two pair in your shop!
I am very pleased with them.

Thank you for all the effort, commitment and the pleasant communication.

I will certainly recommend you

Nikolay Yaremko, Amsterdam
Custom made order: Open Window pendant

I have got the package. I am very happy with its contents!

(Also thank you for the box included.)

Thank you very much, I will certainly recommend you if any of my network will be interested in creating such jewellery. Hopefully, some day I will return as well.

Even more beautiful than we had hoped.

Gold ring with fire opal

For our 25th anniversary we came up with an idea for a ring. Jan and Marion have listened very carefully to our wishes. I could choose from many beautiful stones. And although we were a little late to order the ring, it was finished perfectly in time!

The ring has become even more beautiful than we had hoped.

Absolutely beautiful!

Alice Lusk, Texas, US
Repairs and the long Necklace Nature

The jewelry arrived today and everything is perfect and absolutely beautiful! The ring has my birth stone so it is even more special now.

I’m loving the earrings

Mr. Loris Guillen, Marseille, French
Calatrava earrings

Hi, quick message to let you know that I just got my package, it’s all good! Know that’s I’m loving the earrings, they look even better that I thought and I am quite sure the person that I am going to offer these to is going to love them even more!

The most well made

Lydia Yik, California, US
Titanium wedding ring FOREVER

I received the titanium Forever ring a week ago. It is perfect and so beautifully made.
It is better than what we were hoping for! We looked at other rings with wood accents and your ring is the most well made with detailed quality and a beautiful seamless appearance.

Thanks for the beautiful wedding rings

Johan en Anouk Loeffen-Laurijssen, Belgium
Wedding rings Forever

In this way we wanted to thank you again for the beautiful wedding rings and the cuff links. The rings wear very comfortable. Since our wedding we wear them with much pleasure!”

Thank you for the perfect service

Winfried Hallerbach, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Calatrava Cross cuff links

Thank you for the perfect service and the great craftsmanship that you invested in making the silver Calatrava Cross cufflinks. They look gorgeous, you can tell they are made with love. My husband Jaap Jan van Hamburg gave them to me and they really are my favorite now. Meanwhile, a colleague of mine also ordered a pair and I would not be surprised if many more followed!

I received many compliments!

Cobi Slingerland, student.
Necklace PAKJE and Simple long silver earrings

I am really super proud wearing my new jewelry. I received many compliments!

Mission accomplished!

Mister X
Ring Forever in red gold

This morning real early the ring arrived! The Forever ring is beautifully made and we are very happy! It was a great surprise for Annemieke. Mission accomplished.


Mr. X,  Edinburgh, Scotland
Necklace Wooden Circles

Marion. Hi – my wife and I met you at Stephie’s and Simons on Saturday. You might remember – we absolutely loved your silver and wooden necklace. I’m hoping to catch you as I thought I might buy it in secret and keep it as a surprise gift for my wife for our anniversary. Are you still in Edinburgh?

Super happy!

Cobi Slingerland, student
Silver earrings Komeet

The parcel arrived! Great, they turned out wonderful and so beautifully wrapped!
Super happy with my beautiful earrings by my favorite atelier. Thank you!

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Marieke de Kam, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Wedding ring Forever

The ring has arrived and is on Rik’s finger. It’s really totally what we had hoped for (also in terms of size) and he finds the ring beautiful. And since Rik is very a very critical person that is rather unique.

I am so happy that I saw the ring at “SIERAAD”. Right away it popped in my mind “I want that ring for Rik,” We both find the combination of gold and cherry fantastic. The ring has quality, both because of the craftsmanship and the concept. And that’s exactly what we read in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

I hope many people will see and experience the quality of your work. In any case, Rik will wear the ring with love and pride and if people are interested or ask where we bought the ring we will definitely tell about you!

Great coffee

Saskia Theuns and Dick Eskes, Brummen, The Netherlands
Wedding band Forever

After 25 years together, we thought it was time for a ring. We wanted something special in gold and wood. We googled and arrived at the jewelry story. Nice clean rings with just that little bit extra that we were looking for. After a visit to the studio (great coffee, Jan), the decision was quickly made. Since last week, everyone can see that we have been together for 25 years, expressed in gold and wood.


Fennechien Maarsingh. French teacher, Niezijl, The Netherlands

I am really delighted with the result: very subtly Marion the red coral in between the jade beads! And the stunning silver closure, the necklace now lies perfectly around my neck, as intended. All in all a fine example of craftsmanship

What a Beauty

Piet van der Wildt.  Sculptor, Montfoort, The Netherlands
Bracelet Black Beauty

If I have seen something, which I find very special, I can not get it out of my mind. That’s exactly what happened after I had seen your jewelry at an exhibition at Museum de Buitenplaats. In particular, the bracelet “Black Beauty”; a beautiful combination of silver with ebony.

Over the past year I regular visited your website and finally requested additional information. When I heard there was a men’s version available; The Big Black Beauty, I could not wait any longer. The result is fantastic.

The ring shines

Jaap en Anneke Geleijn.  Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
Ring Little Leaf

Finally a message from me. Today is my birthday and I am wearing the ring.
It shines on my finger; it’s the right size! Jan thank you so much you’ve done a great job.I will wear the ring with great pleasure. Good luck with The Jewelry Story and who knows ……


Anke Flik. Manager at Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde, The Netherlands

Am very pleased with the purple earrings and wear them frequently. I am thinking about a necklace that will go with the earrings; but how? Only purple cubes? Are there any red? I will visit your studio soon.

A few months later … The necklace is really beautiful! I am so happy! I’m sure it will become one of my favorite for all seasons, just like the earrings! The closure is superb!


Fedderik van der Mei,. Retired farmer, Wijnjewoude, The Netherlands.

A gift for life. It is only given once and the sentimental value is infinitely greater than the price. Our breath was taken away at the sight of something so beautiful. This precious jewel enshrined the commitment in our family.

Therefore, I’ll like to thank you for your boundless energy and creativity, refuted in this unique Christening spoon, which is indeed a gift for life.


Mr. and Mrs. Prop, Pulheim, Germany.

Thanks for sending the ring. It looks dazzling on my finger! Our daughter Inge is very happy with her bracelet, it fits just fine. Our daughter Fleur enjoys her earrings and gets many positive comments about them.

Thank you!

Geoffrey Weston, Londen U.K.

Received safely. They are beautiful. Thank you!

Titanium artwork

Olaf Burlage. Architect, The Netherlands
Silver napkin holder

In my opinion the napkin ring is a highly refined extract of the Guggenheim-museum in Bilbao. The deformation and the displacement of the silver is a wonderful translation of the lines as it occurs in the facade of the Guggenheim. The three sides that contrast in their matte and glossy finish make clear that this is the napkin ring representing the titanium artwork by Frank Gehry.

I am delighted to receive this gift and I have great admiration for the makers.

Thanks again for everything!

Isabelle Cazalles, Lille, France
Wedding rings Forever

Remember us? Well it took me quite some time but I wanted to send you a picture of us at our wedding day and a picture of the beautiful wedding ring you made for my husband! Thanks again for everything

Little Dutch Dudes

Dan Rodriguez. Wood worker, Odessa, Florida, USA
Two broches

Wow… you two guys are amazing … forget that your craftsmanship is flawless, your design and creativity are off the charts … bravo you little Dutch Dudes … those two pins are great!

Many thanks

Mr. X, Los Altos, California, U.S.A.

Got it yesterday, it came out very nice, both my wife and I really liked the necklace. Many thanks, it’s been a pleasure working with you! PS. the round box is very cool too.

A few weeks later… I’m Eve, the daughter of Ilya, who received that pendant as a graduation gift. I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful necklace! Thank you so much! Cheers, Eve Minkin


Isabelle Cazalles, Lille, France

Yay we got the package eventually! The ring is perfect, it’s so pretty, it fits perfectly, it is just great! Thanks so much for the kind notes and for your wishes! We’ll make sure to send you pictures of our wedding thanks again for everything. OH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOD!!!! It is so so so beautiful, you can’t imagine how fond of this ring we are. It is so gorgeous! We really, really, really love it and I can’t thank you enough.

Cool Grandma!

Mrs. Jacobs. Retired teacher, Oestgeest, The Netherlands

This afternoon, the necklace and the ring arrived, very neatly packed and cared for. Everything just fine. The necklace is great, as purple as I had it in mind. I wonder what Johahnette wil say, if she finds me a cool grandma now? The ring is beautiful. In short, I am again very happy, thank you very much.

Showing off Hip to be Square

13Threads, Unique handmade clothing and accessories, Edinburgh, Scotland
Necklace Hip to be Square

A small note to say how wonderful my new Hip to be Square necklace is! Thank you so much. It is the most incredibly beautiful, unique piece of jewellery ever.

Deeply moved

Dorris Spaans, Maasluis, The Netherlands

I like you to know that my mother was deeply moved by the ring I gave to her. Thanks for your help by making the right choice. Dorris Spaans.

We are very happy with our wedding rings

Anne en Ard Poelman, Nijega, The Netherlands

Our wedding rings are made exactly as we had in mind. Really gorgeous.

Big Surprise!

Mr. Hank Kerkstra, Bakersfield, California, U.S.A.

The package arrived in time for my wife’s birthday, thanks! Since she did not know I bought the necklace, it was a big surprise for her! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

A real jewel

Ingrid van der Geest. Managing director at Pit Concept & Copy, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

It is a real jewel! I just like you to know that I very much enjoy wearing my new ring.
I see something new in it all the time and in a subtle way the ring attracts attention.
Proudly I tell people where this ring came from!


Olivia Ullrich, Pullman, Washington, U.S.A.

The letter opener arrived today and is gorgeous!!
Thank you so much

A piece of art

Gerard Swüste. Radio program developer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The candle holders just arrived. I am very happy. They are shining pieces on my table. Thanks for the fast delivery. I find it very remarkable to have a piece of art from your hands within reach. Have a good and peaceful Christmas.

The diamond from my grandmother

Emma Baines. Teacher, Waskemeer, The Netherlands

Some time ago I came to your studio and brought with me a rather dull and old fashioned necklace made of red coral. Together with a diamond I inherited the red coral from my grandmother. My request was to make this coral necklace into something wearable. By combining the red coral with other beads Marion made a beautiful necklace. She really looks at who you are and witch style is best for you. The necklace is very wearable and contemporary looking and I wear it all the time!


Dan Rodriguez. Fine furniture maker, Odessa, Florida, USA

Well she loves it…ya’ll did good…it is perfect, thanks again, Dan

I fell in love

Christel from Germany

On Saturday I went with my boyfriend Bastian de Groot to the Galerie “dehullu”- and I fell in love with the beautiful chain out of stones you brought the same day into the shop: thank you very much, this chain gives me a lot of energy. Bastian is “Bildhauer” in Groningen- and the stones in the chain reflect for me the power of working with natural materials.

Anyway, I hope this chain will never break-and if- I’ll get in touch with you again. The woman in “dehullu” gave me a postcard with your address, so maybe in future I’ll stop by in your atelier with my German friends to see more of your art. Good success, love and peace, Christel