Some pigeons are more equal than others

As some of you know I am one of the rare people who loves pigeons

Every once in a while I come across another person who feels the same way about pigeons as I do. This doesn’t  happen very often, so I could not believe when I saw this funny art project of two Berlin based artists.

SOME PIGEONS ARE MORE EQUEL THAN OTHERS, is a project by Berlin-based artists Julian Charriere and Julius von Bismarck during the 2012  Venice Biennale.

painted pigeon

Most people see city pigeons as a pest, or … as “rats of the sky”

blue painted pigeon

In an effort to make people see these feathered critters in a different way Charriere and Bismarck spray-painted them by way of a specially created booth.

yellow painted pigeon

The artists believed that people would see the pigeons in these exotic colors as less offensive, and in turn, more accepted by those traveling the Venetian piazzas.

red painted pigeon

The website did not tell if this was indeed the case.  By the way I like the red one …