Snow and other matters

Today it finally looked like winter was here … snow!  Although I am not prone to romantic images I find snow always beautiful. The photo, which is the view from our living room, was taken very quickly before the snow disappeared.

Kunstuur Sieraad 2014

This is our booth at the jewelry show Sieraad 2014 in Amsterdam. At that moment we were interviewed by Kunst Uur a Dutch TV program. (the camera is on the floor)

Which wild animal I like best? Either a wolf or a fox. Both of these animals resemble a dog and that’s definitely my favorite animal.

The following pictures are taken by Ivan Kislov. Ivan is not a professional wildlife photographer, but he has enjoyed taking photographs ever since he was a child.

foxes in the snow

Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer who works in Chukotka, a beautiful but desolate corner of the Russian Far East that lies partially above the Arctic Circle. When he takes a break from his job, he turns to photography as a way to relax.

baby fox

He heads out into the wilderness and captures photos of bears, reindeer and hares but mostly Kislov takes pictures of foxes. Ivan says about this “Foxes are curious and can come very close”

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