Silversmithing in the outdoors

Meanwhile, in the studio …

Well look at this! Finally a few warm days. Jan took advantage and worked outside for a while.

In the photo you see Jan making a cavity in a large silver circle. After this Jan needs to continue working in the studio to forge the silver with a smaller hammer.

We are working on a commission for a candleholder. The couple who gave the commission wants to use the candleholder in their second home in Sweden. Starting point for the design was the couple’s love for Scandinavian design. Furthermore, they had something in mind with ebony wood. Jan and I both made a proposal and a draft.

Kaarsenstandaard met ebbenhout en zilver

We started with making a prototype. In the picture you see a candle holder made of black painted pine wood and a dish made of aluminum. The wood block has, like the silver, a slight concavity so it looks like the silver is floating. In the final design everything will be just a bit larger.

The design is mine. Jan is going to make it. The precise cavity of the ebony is made with a lathe by woodworker Klaas de Groot.

And … the order is for two candle holders!