Rubia the dog and my spring fever

Rubia the dog we adopted only 5 weeks ago is doing great. In only a short time she went from a frightened, trembling little creature, to a happy dog wagging her tail all the time. Here she is in front of our house. Since one week she joins Jan and Fons, our other dog, in playing our daily game of frisbee. Who would have thought!

Rietsigaren Beetsterzwaag

I took this photo a few weeks ago during the daily walk with the dogs. After one night of frost the reed cigars have burst open. In the following days they dropped their seeds and now bare stalks remain.

Purple Fox gloves

And now that we all have spring fever, it is getting cold again! It is already mid-March, I need to be working in the garden. Have you ever seen foxglove in such a beautiful purple color?

Do you know the Gardenista website? It has  everything about gardens, really worth it, also for the beautiful images: Gardenista

Photo of foxglove through Gardenista