Riders on the storm and other things

Bloementuin Marion Pannekoek

Calm before the storm?
A few days ago when we came home from our holiday we were happily surprised by the abundance of flowers in our garden. And now there is a heavy storm predicted, it has already caused much damage in other parts of the Netherlands. So … are these flowers all ruined by tonight? I just tied up all the foxglove and hollyhocks on sturdy bamboo sticks. That’s all I can do.

Now a black sky comes closer and closer … If I remember correct Riders on the Storm by the Doors is about tornado watchers …


For the first time my Lathyrus looks healthy and hopeful. If the storm hits the plant is right in its path.

Mens bracelet wood titanium STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Did I ever showed you this (men) bracelet? This one is sold, but Jan has just created another one, a smaller version with gray titanium instead of purple as shown in this picture.

Do you know the name of the bracelet? Stairway to Heaven.