Reuse your (old) gold and create a new piece of jewelry

Reuse your (old) gold and create a new piece of jewelry. How does it work?

Do you know gold is the oldest recycling material in the world? Do you have a jewelry piece you like to remake in something beautiful? In our atelier you can have your gold jewelry
melted down and have one or more new pieces of jewelry made. In this way, ‘old gold’ gets its value back and the new jewelry gains special value, because they
connect previous and future generations.

We check whether the gold that you brought is usable. The gold is then weighed. You will be informed of the weight and the amount that the gold is worth. Then the options are discussed as to what can be made from the gold. A new ring or maybe ear studs? Maybe you have an idea about the design yourself, if not then we think along with you.

On the photo you can see how the gold is melted. If you click on this link: Gold ring with a sapphire, you will see photos of an example of a ring that we made from (old) gold.