Please stop by our atelier while visiting Friesland

Please stop by our atelier while visiting Friesland!

It’s Liberation Day today in The Netherlands and the weather is just beautiful … that means there will be many cyclists on our small road. A few will stop at our sign and decide to go up the long driveway to visit our atelier. Always so nice to see the astonished faces when they discover our extensive collection of handmade jewelery … a rare find, as they usually say, and this just in between all the green pastures.

Did I show you our new brooches? Agate in silver, the silver is treated with a black patina. Do you like to know more brooches? Please click on the link from our webshop: Brooches with Dendrite agate

And if you happen to be in the area today, or any other day for that matter … you’re very welcome to visit our atelier in Wijnjewoude!