Pigeons in the art

I am one of the few people who like pigeons. Not only do I like pigeons, I even keep 24 of them! Once upon a time it all started with a homer pigeon who losts it way and did not want to leave. Want to know more? Please click here or here.

What do I like about pigeons? The soft cooing, the fantastic flying and the way tasks are distributed equally between the pigeon couple when they nurse and take care of their babies. And there is still the mystery about the way the pigeons are able to find, even over long distances, the way back to their own “home”.

Did you know that Picasso kept pigeons as a young boy and one of the first drawings he made was of a pigeon? In his later work, he continued the use of pigeons. Like here in this work from 1975.

Ton van Steenbergen, is a Dutch figurative painter and also often uses pigeons as a model.

And if you search for pigeons in Etsy you will be amazed by the amount of pigeons that will emerge. Like this beautiful dove in the web-shop of Atelier Wolvelay