Photos by Lieve Blancquaert

This photo exhibition by the Belgium photographer Lieve Blancquaert is not expected until October 2017.

I would say safe the date because the photos are really impressive.

Giving birth in India

Photographer and journalist Lieve Blancquaert travels around the world to explore what it means to be born in a certain place in the world. Every day 364 501 children are born worldwide, this is nearly five per second, or 300 per minute.

Geboorte in Atlanta USA

Birth in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Having children is a universal given, but there are certainly differences, both by continent and country. Lieve meets mothers during the most emotional events in their lives: the birth of their son or daughter.

Geboorte in Koeweit City

Just born in Koeweit City

This exhibition shows the great differences between pregnancy, childbirth and to welcome your child in different parts of the world. The photographer shows how different the situation and future of women and their children is. BIRTHDAY is a compelling report in words and images, endearing and confrontational. Expected in October 2017 in the Karmel Klooster in Drachten, The Netherlands

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