Peter Hiemstra at Gallery Maya Wildevuur

The ceramic works of Peter Hiemstra at Maya Wildevuur

Last Sunday, Jan and I visited the exhibition of Peter Hiemstra in the gallery of Maya Wildevuur, Hooghalen, The Netherlands. Peter Hiemstra is an artist who creates cartoons and fairy tale characters in ceramic.

Peter Hiemstra en Henk Slomp

The Karavaan is a long procession of different wagens. The project is a collaboration between Peter Hiemstra (ceramics) and Henk Slomp (metal).

Peter Hiemstra Maya Wildevuur

The space were the exhibition took place had an almost mystical feeling. It was a bit dark in the room, so the pictures are not too good.

When it stopped raining we also visited the sculpture garden. Then ate a delicious pastry on the beautiful terrace … with a glass of white wine. All in all a very nice afternoon.

The exhibition of Peter Hiemstra at Maya Wildevuur was only this weekend.