Our wedding rings Forever with wood inlay

Do you know we send our wedding rings Forever with wood inlay to customers all over the world? Because we get quite a few requests from abroad for these rings, we have developed a special online concept for those who really live too far away.

This is our atelier with on the right my partner Jan Kerkstra, de maker of the Forever wedding rings.

So I send the ring sizers rings and sometimes even examples of tiny pieces of wood to the interested people. And so far this online concept has worked out very well for both parties.

Hout zagen voor FOREVER trouwringen

Here Jan is busy to cut the cherry and ebony for the wedding rings. The wood is over 100 years old.

We make these wedding rings for more then 20 years. For many years we were the only ones making this type of rings. Meanwhile, the rings are imitated by other goldsmiths, after all they are there on the internet for everybody to see. But will others goldsmiths be able to guarantee, like we can, that the wood is immortalized in the ring, so will stay there Forever …? For more information about these rings click here: Wedding Rings Forever