Our visit to the Toepfermarkt in Oldenburg

Quite a lot of potters were new to us this year. Like the work by Andreas Munz.

Not to cold and not too hot, the weather was just perfect for a visit to the Toepfermarkt in Oldenburg, Germany. We brought our very old dog, but because it was not too warm she managed to walk all the way along the market with us. We were on the market around 10 in the morning and by the time it got busy we drove home again.

keramiek Mechthild Poschlod

I could not withstand this beautiful pot by Mechthild Poschlod

Jutta Becker

Booth of Jutta Becker

Yasuyo Nishida

This is also a new purchase. Two gorgeous bowls by the couple Yasuyo Nishida en Vladimir Groh.  Yasuvo told me that the purple glaze is quit rare. It is a combination of the color cobalt and a ting bit of 24 karat gold.

McWilliam Martin

Intriguing work by Mc William Martin

keramiek Jutta Becker

And this is the last purchase by Jutta Becker. The graphic pattern is a screenprint.

We had a lovely visit! Info: International ceramic days Oldenburg