Our visit to Rotterdam

A small (photo) report of our visit to Rotterdam.

What a great city! If you like modern architecture, Rotterdam is a real must. A beautiful skyline, especially along the river Maas. In the photo above you see the Erasmus bridge and the silhouettes of modern buildings along the Maas.

Rotterdam Beeld Zadkine

This was on our last evening at Plein 1940, at the Leuvehaven, next to the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. We were lucky with the restaurants we picked, we have eaten very well, a lot of fish and shellfish and we always had dinner outside because we were lucky with the weather as well. In the background the sculpture by Zadkine Verwoeste Stad (Destroyed City). The sculpture was made by Ossip Zadkine in response to the bombing in Rotterdam.

Piet Blom Kubuswoningen

I had seen the Cube houses of Piet Blom a long time ago. In my memory, the houses were situated in the middle of a sandy plain. Now many years later, the cube houses are surrounded by tall buildings.

Kruiden in de Markthal Rotterdam

This is a lady who sells ground herbs in De Markthal, (food market) an imposing building full of shops and market stalls with food items.

Delftse Poort Rotterdam

Here I am at the monument of Delftse Poort. The original building, a city gate from 1764, was destroyed in the Second World War during the bombing of Rotterdam. Fifty years later, a reconstruction in steel was set up in the Pompenburg, almost the original place of the Delftse Poort, designed by the artist Cor Kraat. Around the gate are some remains of the sculpted ornaments that decorated the original gate.

More points of interest …

Sculptures are everywhere in the city; Pablo Picasso, Joep van Lieshout, Henry Moore, Paul McCarthy, Elmgreen & Dragset: In Rotterdam you pass the top pieces of the most famous artists in the world, just on the street. They belong to the international sculpture collection of Sculpture International Rotterdam and are free to admire every day. In Rotterdam Info Coolsingel is a route that leads along the images and provides text and explanation.

Authentic Chinese restaurant: SanSan on the Hang. The waiters were not very nice but the food was very special. Don’t you like very spicy food? Then this restaurant is not for you.
Fish and shellfish in Hotel New York. For the view and the food is still good.

In the Pannekoekstraat you will find next to beautiful clothing stores,an interior shop called Depot Rotterdam. Another shop in the Pannekoekstraat full of beautiful timeless products is Pantoufle

A boat trip through the port of Rotterdam