Our new dog has arrived from Spain

Rubia our new dog has arrived! She came straight from Granada and landed at Eindoven airport. Here I just managed to get her out of the bench. Fons our other dog was with us and their first meeting went well. Then the long drive back in the car to Friesland. Fortunately Rubia was not afraid in the car. Together with Fons she lay quietly in the back seat.

When we came home Rubia proved to be very insecure and afraid. She spent the first evening sitting on the doormat. She didn’t dare to move and her whole body felt hard and stiff with stress. Probably at night she went exploring because the next morning she was in the dog basket.

Rubia asielhond uit Spanje februari 2018

It will take a while before Rubia feels at home with us. Everything is new for her. The hail storms and cold too! And because of her difficult past she has little self-confidence. But every day she gets more braver, so I think it is going to be ok.

Big plus points are: Rubia  immediately accepted our cat and also the free roaming chickens in the yard. Moreover, she is very curious and bright. Above she jumped on the couch for the first time. A great victory for her.

Rubia februari 2018

My experience so far with shelter dogs is that they are always afraid of men. But not Rubia, she immediately fell in love with Jan.