Our jewelry in Beelden in Gees

Throughout the summer our work will be on exhibition in the beautiful gallery of Beelden in Gees, Drenthe, The Netherlands. Last week we went to the gallery to arrange our jewelry in the showcases. I always find it very exciting to organize an exhibition. Each time again it surprises me how beautiful our jewelry looks in a different setting.

Are you familiar with Beelden in Gees the sculpture park in Gees? Well worth a visit, its a huge beautiful garden with many sculptures. There is also a gallery with smaller sculptures, ceramics and jewelry. Sunday May 5th is the opening of the exhibition for invited guests (Jan will be present) from May 8th, the sculpture park is open to the public.

This new necklace is in Beelden in Gees …

Necklace Red and Blue

… so is this big silver ring …

Big silver Ring NEW SHAPE

… and the last one is a necklace made of Dendrite agate, red coral and onyx.

necklace Dendrite agate

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And here you can find info about the summer exhibition in Beelden Gees.