Our booth at Sieraad Art Fair 2017

This is our booth we are going to use at Sieraad Art Fair 2017.

This afternoon we have set the booth up in the living room. A try out, before the real thing in Amsterdam. We mounted a tiny little led licht in the top lath. The light is hidden in the lath and shines directly on the jewelry on the table. We are very curious about the effect the light will have.

Tomorrow we will gather the jewelry we want to show on Sieraad.  Except for 3 brooches we made all the jewelry we wanted to make. Jan made some fantastic rings and I made a new series of very long necklaces.

We first have to photograph the jewelry before I can show you a few of the new pieces. I will also bring you up to date about the restaurants in Amsterdam where we will have dinner.

Sieraad Art Fair takes place in Amsterdam from 9-12 November. The Jewelry Story is in stand 84.

More info: Sieraad Art Fair