Open Stal 2016 and me in church

Sunday Jan and I visited Open Stal in Oldeberkoop, The Netherlands. The weather was great and we as always enjoyed the walk through this picturesque Frisian village.

Unfortunately we found that most of the art this year was not very special. And I may be mistaken but I think the Art Route become shorter? Above a photo | pencil drawing by Geertje Geertsema.

Open Stal 2016 Marion Pannekoek

Donkeys by Marjolein Mandersloot in the small Bonifatius church.

Although it has nothing to do with art I like to mention here the small shoulder bag I am wearing in the photo. The bag is by Koda Amsterdam. Koda makes bags from leftover pieces of fabric from for instance upholsteries. They work together with Dutch designers. So my small bag is made from remnants of De Ploeg fabric and designed by Chris van Veghel.

Anneliet van Beelen

This sculpture by Anneliet van Beelen is also made of recycled materials.

In the gallery of the Textile institute Hawar was a beautiful furnished exhibition of handmade jewelry by Jannie Rozema, Elly van Elp and Rikki Vrieswijk.

It has gradually become tradition to end the afternoon with a glass of wine on the terrace of Hotel Lunia.

More info: Open Stal 2016