Once upon a time…

Once upon a time we lived in The United States of America. We lived for seven years on the red soil of Georgia near Atlanta. In the beginning I was amazed by a lot of things. For instance, I remember being flabergasted when I first heard the word eggplant. So different from the word aubergine which is what we use in Holland for this vegetable. On the net I came across this information: Eggplant is a big favorite in many areas of the South. Thomas Jefferson, who experimented with many varieties of plants in his Virginia garden, is credited with the introduction of eggplant to North America. Of Asian origin, the early varieties were very bitter to the taste, but cultivation and crossbreeding have greatly improved the flavor. Yesterday we had our first meal with the big beautiful eggplant I grew in my greenhouse… Here is a site with all eggplant recipes…enjoy!

Eggplant blossom
aubergine blossom

First harvest from my greenhouse
first harvest