Nuts and seed pods as inspiration

Nuts and pods as inspiration.A small glimpse of our experiment with natural materials.

On the days that our atelier is closed, we try to work as much as possible on new designs. Currently we are experimenting with casting nuts and seed pods in silver.

On the far right in the photo you see a new design that is already finished. It’s a hazelnut ‘trapped’ in a small silver cage on a 110 cm. long silver necklace. I’m very happy with the design. I promise we will take better pictures of this necklace at the next photo session.

Edelsmid zilver gieten

It has been very busy recently. We have quite a lot of requests to make wedding rings. Mostly the rings FOREVER, the wedding bands with the wood inlay. There are custom made orders to melt (old) pieces of gold jewelry in order to make it in a new piece. We have the occasional sale and there are the jewelry repairs.

In the photo you see the silver castings of eucalyptus and hazelnut. They became beautifully clear. In the end we went for the peanut shells. What do you think we are going to do with them? More on that later.