New gemstones and a visit to Museum Insel Hombroich

Aren’t these beautiful? These are the new gem stones we bought last weekend at a gem exhibition in Dusseldorf. The plan is to make two more rings with these gems to take to Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam.

I am not sure the rings will be finished in time because Sieraad Art Fair is 10 through 13 november and at the moment it is quite buzzing with costumers in our atelier. But we almost finished making the booth for Sieraad. More about that in another blogpost.


Since we were in Dusseldorf, we finally visited the nearby Museum Island Hombroich. We really enjoyed the art and nature and also the architecture was beautiful.

Museum Insel Hombroich

As well in as outside was art.


On the right the zigzagstoel. This chair was designed by Rietveld in 1932.


Nicely arranged glass art.

The museum describes itself as follows: ” Museum Insel Hombroich is a special place, away from the bustle of daily routine and fashionable trends. It is an invitation to enter into the adventure of a direct encounter with art and nature. The Museum dispenses with signposts altogether – visitors are free to find their own way in the extensive parkland and make their own discoveries of art and nature alike. This freedom of the spirit is at the heart of the Museum’s particular charm. A day at Museum Insel Hombroich wakens the senses.

We found our visit very worthwhile!

More info about the museum if you follow this link: Museum Insel Hombroich
Would you like to visit us at Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam? Please click here: Sieraad Art Fair