New earrings with tourmaline in the make

Due to the lockdown, our atelier-shop is unfortunately still closed until at least January 14.

But we’re still working away! Online commissions and sales continue as usual and people can also drop off and pick up repairs.

The nice thing about earrings is that they always fit. So it is an easy product for the webshop. Because of the size, a ring is more difficult, for example.

In the photo above you see a new design earrings. The gemstone is watermelon tourmaline. We are still working on the top pieces.

As soon as the earrings are ready, I will place them in the webshop. Curious about all our one of a kind handmade earrings? Then please click: all earrings. It shows you all the earrings we currently have in stock.

Update! The earrings are finished!  Please click: Tourmaline earrings