New ceramics

Zitronesauer Beautiful work by Ute Naue- Mueller

The visit to the ceramics market in Oldenburg was great fun. Saturday after the last customer left our atelier, we drove straight away to a hotel near Oldenburg in northern Germany. That way we could have an early start on Sunday morning on the market. The weather was beautiful and especially early in the morning the market is a lot quieter.

We enjoyed the beautiful shapes and colors. We also discovered, a few new, or at least new to us, ceramists this year.

Above a great yellow vase by Ute Naue – Mueller. Her work is beyond my budget but I’m going to save up for next year, so I will be able to buy a piece of Ute.

Roger Lewis ceramics ribbed box

New ceramics … here is my purchase this year! Ribbed box by Roger Lewis. The box is really beautiful made. What appealed to me in this work is the lovely ocher color and the technique of how the pot is made. The box is on display now in the living room amongst my other pieces of ceramics.

Jigger streetdog

The dogs went with us on this trip. My dogs are real country dogs and don’t like the city very much. At one point Jigger, the elderly dog, went to lay down and did not want to go any further. On the way back we stopped to let the dogs swim in a river, so then everyone was happy again.

Ute Naue-Mueller

Neue wege A great graphic vase by Ute Naue-Mueller.

Michael Cleff

The work of Michael Cleff is truly marvelous. Why does it appeal to me you ask?

Michael Cleff Ceramic sculptures

In my eyes, everything is just right about his sculptures; the colors, dimensions, everything is in balance. I would really like to have a piece by Michael Cleff. Again, I’m going to save …

Info about the ceramics market in Oldenburg: Toepfermarkt Oldenburg

This year we also try to visit Keramisto. A large international ceramics market in Milsbeek in The Netherlands on 19 and 20th of September. Roger Lewis also shows his work at Keramisto. Info here: Keramisto