My pigeons

Why do I have pigeons? Well … it is a little story … it all started with one stray homer pigeon who was sitting starving on our roof. The pigeon then moves into the former goat shed next to our atelier and decides this is his home. Since pigeons are very gregarious a dove on his own is not very happy.

Flying pigeons

(Unfortunately here in the countryside I still see people who in no way take into account the natural behavior of animals. Still, I see horses alone in the pasture throughout their lives. Rabbits live out their lives alone in a small cage. A goat on his own, preferably on a short rope. Even dogs locked up outside in a kennel barking all day long are no exception.)

So anyway, I bought another dove and soon they formed a couple. And so many years later I have 22 pigeons. They coo, poop, make love, take baths in the rain barrel and take care of their youngsters. By evening they fly around our house. So after my work is done I take the time to sit outside in the garden to watch my pigeons. For me its a pause in the day. By the way … do you know both the male and the female pigeon take equal turns in taking care of their babies and that both feed “milk” to them?

Have I bored you enough already? The white dove in the center is 22 years old, it’s just so you know …