My 3 new ceramic acquisitions

Last weekend we visited the ceramics market in Oldenburg, Germany. Like every year, we really enjoyed it. Even the weather was ok, which is a small miracle this summer.

This year we tried to be early at the market. We started around 10.00 in the morning and it was very quiet. Which was lovely, especially for the dogs.

Johanna Hitzler

Johanna Hitzler makes dinnerware such as plates and cups in white porcelain. I loved the very large platter in the picture.

Ute Dreis keramik

My tastes in ceramics is very wide because I also like traditional work. Like the robust pots above by Ute Dreis.

Oldenburg Keramiekmarkt

As you can see in this picture, it is very crowded in the afternoon. The dogs look very timid in this picture. Actually they were scarred and wanted to run because just minutes before somebodies tyre exploded with an enormous  loud bang.

Keramiek van Marion Pannekoek

And now my new acquisitions …… 3! can you believe it? On the left a small traditional jug, baked in a wood-fired oven, by Reimar Kruger. He resides and works often in Japan which is clearly reflected in his work. I bought this small pitcher to use as a flower vase.

In the middle a beautiful bowl in earth tones of Katharina Link. Katharina also makes great abstract sculptures of stoneware.

On the right a small vase of the Dutch potter Job Heykamp. Job also makes huge vases in very special red tones. In september Job participates in the big annual ceramics market Keramisto in Milsbeek, The Netherlands.