Museum Belvedère

Hello everyone, hope you all had a nice weekend?
Today a post about Friesland, the part of Holland I live in… Most of the time the countryside is one pretty picture. This photo was taken last month, when my old neighbor was making hay.
Hooien IMG_4465
But… times are changing and so now and then a really modern building pops up. Close to where I live, in this small town named Oranjewoud, a super modern museum was built a few years ago. The lay of the museum over a wide canal is unique and the building is deeply interconnected with the landscape.
Eerde Schippers
of Inbo architects designed Belvedère museum.

Museum Belvedere

Daylight is indirect and hardly comes inside through  the baseboards which are made of glass. Because of those baseboards it looks like the building is floating above the surface. The museum has a large collection of modern and contemporary art of mostly Frisian artists. We have been to Belvedère a couple of times and every time I found it fascinating to see how this modern building loomed up in the distance.