Memories of the dogs in my life

Quit a while ago I posted pictures on my blog of Tim Flach, a photographer from England. Just recent I came across his work again and his photos still appeal to me. Especially his photographs of dogs are truly wonderful. Yes that’s right it is a picture of a dog!

As most of you know, I am a fan of dogs. My whole life I’ve had dogs. When I was growing up we had a fox terrier. She came to our house as a stray dog. When I later went to live on my own in Amsterdam, I had a small terrier -like dog. She became 16 years old.


Foxhounds by Tim Flach

Later when we lived in America and rented a house in rural Georgia there was a Foxhound living at the house. The previous tenant had left the dog behind. The dog had become pretty wild, very rarely he would show himself, and mostly he lived in the woods by himself. After a while I managed to gain his trust, I even sort of trained him and when we went back to the Netherlands he went along.

border collie

Here a nice action photo of Tim Flach of a Border collie at work.

Dog with jewellery

Currently I have two dogs. This is Jigger, she used to live on the streets of Malaga.

hond met sieraad

And Lucky Fons a dog from a Belgian shelter. Fons wears a necklace from our collection .