Making a new design ring with Boulder opal

The new year is already well on its way but I still have trouble getting started. Time to get on with it! Just before Christmas, Jan made this ring. Although the ring is finished now, we didn’t have time to take a good photo yet. Will be continued.

Boulder opal

Probably difficult to imagine but on the photo above, the shape of the silver part of the ring is determined. The golden bezel for the Boulder opal should fit exactly on this part.

Setting an opal

Here, Jan is “setting” de Boulder opal in the gold bezel. Setting means “rubbing” a tiny gold edge over the stone, so that it is stuck. A nervous work because there is always a  chance the stone breaks.

Brede zilveren ring met Boulder opaal

Maybe the photo above helps you visualizing the ring Jan is making. The new ring looks a bit like it. This ring has been sold a while ago.