Making a Daisy Chain

We’re making another Daisy Chain. This very long; 1 meter and 10 centimeters silver necklace is very popular. And no wonder, I think Daisy Chain is a very special necklace.

To create a long necklace like the Daisy Chain, you need a lot of silver wire. Above you see how Jan draws the silver wire through a draw plate to make the wire thinner and longer. Eventually the wire became too long so Jan had to stand outside because there was not enough space left in our atelier.

zilverdraad uitgloeien

In this picture Jan is annealing the silver wire in the flame in order to make it softer. This is necessary because if the wire is too hard the wire would break during the process of drawing it thinner.

Daisy Chain silver gold long necklace


Here is the Daisy Chain in silver with gold rings. The silver is blackened so that the contrast with the gold rings is better.

Click on: Daisy Chain for more info about this necklace.

Here you see the pulling from the other side. Drawing wire is a tough job. Most of the time I leave it to Jan.