Magpies screaming in the night

Long eared owl  Photo via

Since a few days I wake up in the middle of the night because a screaming fight between magpies and owls takes place in our garden. All this because a pair of long eared owls stole the nest of a pair of magpies.


The three-storey magpie nest sits in a hawthorn tree less than 3 meters from our house.

During the day the male horned owl sits on a branch right behind the nest. He keeps watch while the female lays her eggs. But at night, the male leaves his post to hunt for food for himself and his wife. And then the magpies come with their screams to try to chase the female away and conquer the nest again.

Every morning first thing I do is check if the owls are still there. So far so good. It is pretty neat to have an owls nest so close by.

In the meantime work in the studio goes on … we just finished this online order, a silver Flying Saucer ring with an amethyst.

Grote ring Vliegende schotel Amethyst