Made to measure jewelry

Made to measure jewelry. How does it work? In addition to our own handmade jewelry collection, we also do custom work. We make a piece of jewelry especially for the customer. People use various terms for this, such as jewelry made to measure or commissioned to design something.

The drawing above went to a lady who likes to have gold earrings made. Long earrings with white opal. The background of a white opal can be pink, blue or green. The lady wanted an opal with a green background. The opals will be cut especially for her. After a conversation with the client about the different shapes and possibilities, we made a drawing for her with 3 designs from which she can choose.

After the customer makes the choice, the drawing is further elaborated in its actual size and we can make a price proposal. It depends on how busy we are in the atelier, but usually the jewelry is ready within 2 weeks. Payment is afterward when we know the customer is happy. During the make process it is possible for the customer to visit our atelier to have a look and for possible consultation.

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