Lucky Fons the Border Collie from a dog shelter in Antwerp

Have I showed you this photo before? Probably so. The photo is taken shortly after we got Fons from a dog shelter. Fons was very easy going, he even liked to be a model and he sat perfectly still until the photo was taken.

We picked  Fons up 7 years ago from a dog shelter in Antwerp. It was januari and there was a terrible snow storm going on. Fons was just brought into the shelter was in the shelter the day before. The gentleman at the shelter told us we had to come pick him up immediately because such a beautiful dog would be gone in no time.

Fons was only a half year old. We were assured that he was a very sweet dog and was house trained. On the long way back home, it took almost a day, we stopped several times but Fons did not want to pee. When we arrived, he rushed inside the house and made a big puddle in the corner of the living room! Ha, ha probably the dog was terrible nervous. After that one time he has never urinated inside anymore.