Looking for a dog bed

I’ve been looking for a nice dog bed for a while now. You might think that’s not so hard because there are so many dogs beds around. Yes that is true, lots of choice, at least if you do not mind that the cushion is made of synthetic materials and printed with hearts and dog bones all over. My wishes are a bit different and come down to words like: simple, practical and environmentally friendly, that makes it pretty difficult to find something.

Cloud7 dog cushion

On my long search I found Cloud7, a very cute web shop for dogs in Berlin. Beautiful looking pillows made ​​of natural material, a bit expensive though. Let’s hope they last a very long time!


More happy customers of Cloud7

13Threads was so kind to give me the address of  architecturefordogs.  Very special designs for dogs pillows but maybe more intended for tidy city dogs and not for mud covered just out of the ditch tough country dogs like mine?