Lets get personal

When I tell people I have 2 dogs and a cat, they are not surprised because after all I do live in the country …

dogs running

But when I tell them I have chickens too, I can see some people thinking: “Marion is a farmer too?“

chickens in the yard

And finally when I say I have 22 pigeons, everybody is totally flabbergasted …

pigeons taking a bath in an old barrel

I don’t need to explain the other animals (I think) but why in heavens name do I have pigeons? Pigeons are very peaceful and tolerant with each other, for me their cooing sounds very calming.

At the end of the day I sit down in the garden with a glass of wine to release my pigeons and let them fly. Pigeons always come back because they have a very strong homing instinct. And what they like most is taking a bath, they love to splash and float on the water.

Well I better stop explaining my love for pigeons … because I guess it will always be this way … most people hate pigeons and only a few fools like them.