Leeuwarden cultural capital 2018

Last Sunday, Jan and I made a trip to see the ‘Love-fountain’ in Leeuwarden. The “Love fountain” is one of the fountains that have been placed in 11 Frisian cities as part of Leeuwarden cultural capital 2018. International artists have created a fountain fitting for each of the cities.

The “Love fountain” is easy to locate , the seven-meter high children’s heads are right in front of the train station in Leeuwarden. The design is by the Spanish artist Jaume Plenza who got his inspiration for the fountain when he saw the fog clouds, also called white wives, lying over the wide Frisian landscape in the morning.

varende auto in de gracht Leeuwarden

From the fountain we made a stroll around the centre of Leeuwarden. Along the way we ren into a choir singing in the Prinsentuin and there was a DJ with terrible techno music on the square in front of the Oldehove. And when we walked along the canal we suddenly saw this car.

Schip in Leeuwarden

Even under the bridge, art was thought of.


On the way back we drove through Snakkerburen. A nice little village north of Leeuwarden on the Dokkumer Ee. The village has about 215 inhabitants.

Photo Love Fountain via: Leeuwarder Courant here you can also find the information about the tour along all fountains in the eleven Frisian villages.